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Lumpkin County Education Foundation

Enriching Student Learning in Lumpkin County

About LCEF

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LCMS Grant Recipient


In 2014, a small group of Lumpkin County citizens met to find a way to increase support for Lumpkin County Schools.


Founders formed a foundation that would work in concert with the school system, while operating as an independent organization, with a vision to support enhanced learning experiences, rather than fund normal day-to-day school activities.

To briefly summarize:

The group identified why the foundation is needed:

  • Quality public education benefits everyone in the community.

  • Austerity cuts and reduced revenue since 2008 have significantly reduced public school funding.

  • Revenue cuts have resulted in program cuts, staff reductions and furloughs, and few resources available for educational experiences beyond the bare minimum. 



Each year, the Lumpkin County School System loses funding due to the county's senior tax exemption. As a result, the funding formula for our school system is negatively skewed:

Lumpkin County generates the smallest operating revenue per student of any district in our geographic area. In fact, Lumpkin collects $1,315 less in operating revenue per student than the $10,601 average for similar districts in our area. (Source)

The Lumpkin County Education Foundation (LCEF) was created to help supplement revenue losses and to enrich student learning in Lumpkin County.

The purpose of the Lumpkin County Education Foundation (LCEF) is to cultivate fundraising partnerships with the community to enrich our children's educational opportunities.

Funds raised by the foundation are disbursed to support public education in Lumpkin County, as determined by the Board and in coordination with a third-party of outside evaluators. 
Since 2016, LCEF has awarded $51,960 to Lumpkin County teachers for classroom enrichment.

In accordance with LCEF bylaws, a portion of funds raised is invested to support future activities. 



The Lumpkin County Education Foundation, a private, non-profit organization, cultivates fundraising partnerships with the community to enrich our children's educational opportunities.


Our children deserve our support; our donation grows our foundation.


The Lumpkin County Education Foundation currently funds grants to Lumpkin County educators who engage their students in high-impact and creative learning activities. At the same time, LCEF is building an endowment to ensure annual base funding for projects.


Each year, the foundation’s Board of Directors determine the amount of funds to be disbursed for grants. Teachers submit applications for funding for various educational activities.


An impartial team scores the applications and rank orders them based on criteria established by the Board of Directors. Funds are disbursed according to ranking.


Grant recipients are required to submit after-action reports. At the Board’s discretion, individual donations may be accepted for specific activities.

Questions? Please contact us!

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